Engineered Wood Products represent a bold step forward, not only in terms of ease of use, excellent performance and cost saving characteristics, but also in the environmental credentials they offer to specifiers and end users.

The performance of Engineered Wood Products can be accurately predicted which means we can fine tune a design so that exactly the right amount of product is employed for any given situation.

All products are PEFC certified.


Standard stock sizes kept in 15m Lengths and cut to suit requirements. Grades GL24h and GL28c as detailed below;

  • 66mm x 225mm
  • 66mm x 270mm
  • 66mm x 315mm
  • 66mm x 360mm
  • 66mm x 405mm
  • 66mm x 450mm
  • 90mm x 90mm
  • 90mm x 180mm
  • 90mm x 225mm
  • 90mm x 270mm
  • 90mm x 315mm
  • 90mm x 360mm
  • 90mm x 405mm
  • 90mm x 450mm
  • 90mm x 495mm
  • 90mm x 990mm
    (non-stock item)
  • 115mm x 115mm
  • 115mm x 180mm
  • 115mm x 225mm
  • 115mm x 270mm
  • 115mm x 315mm
  • 115mm x 360mm
  • 115mm x 405mm
  • 115mm x 450mm
  • 115mm x 495mm
  • 115mm x 540mm
    (non-stock item)
  • 115mm x 630mm
    (non-stock item)
  • 140mm x 140mm
  • 140mm x 225mm
  • 140mm x 270mm
  • 140mm x 315mm
  • 140mm x 360mm
  • 140mm x 405mm
  • 140mm x 450mm
  • 140mm x 495mm
  • 140mm x 540mm
    (non-stock item)
  • 140mm x 630mm
    (non-stock item)
  • 160mm x 160mm
    (non-stock item)
  • 180mm x 180mm
    (non-stock item)
  • 200mm x 200mm
    (non-stock item)
  • 220mm x 220mm
    (non-stock item)
  • 240mm x 240mm
    (non-stock item)