Manderwood are pleased to announce we are now able to offer a range of Glulam Beams that meet all your timber engineering needs.

We can offer the same 5-7 day delivery period we offer for all our products.

Please contact us for futher information.

Standard stock sizes kept in 13.5m Lengths and cut to suit requirements.

  • 66mm x 225mm
  • 66mm x 270mm
  • 66mm x 315mm
  • 90mm x 180mm
  • 90mm x 225mm
  • 90mm x 270mm
  • 90mm x 315mm
  • 90mm x 360mm
  • 90mm x 405mm
  • 90mm x 450mm
  • 90mm x 495mm
  • 115mm x 225mm
  • 115mm x 270mm
  • 115mm x 315mm
  • 115mm x 360mm
  • 115mm x 405mm
  • 115mm x 450mm
  • 115mm x 495mm
  • 115mm x 540mm
  • 115mm x 630mm
  • 140mm x 225mm
  • 140mm x 270mm
  • 140mm x 315mm
  • 140mm x 360mm
  • 140mm x 405mm
  • 140mm x 450mm
  • 140mm x 495mm
  • 140mm x 540mm
  • 140mm x 630mm
  • 160mm x 360mm
  • 160mm x 405mm
  • 160mm x 450mm
  • 160mm x 495mm