Manderwood were approched to Design, Engineer and Fabricate this spacious 5 Bedroom detached property in Burtle within the tranquil Somerset Levels.

Whilst still retaining a simple design this large property required an Easi-Joist flooring system and Steelwork within the floor structure to support the first floor structure and external brickwork cladding. Also required over the master bedroom was a feature quite often used in modern day roof design that required a vaulted ceiling over the master bedroom.

As an added challenge in the design to aid the structural integrity of the timber frame and to add to racking capabilities was a steel portal frame "goal-post" section either side and above the two integral garages.

All designed, engineered, and supplied (including steelwork) by Manderwood this is the first of two identical handed detached properties in an ongoing project.

Erected by Somerset Carpenters of Bridgwater.